About CryptoHero

What is CryptoHero?

CryptoHero is a cloud-based crypto trading bot platform that can place trades 24/7 on crypto exchanges. CryptoHero bots are simple and intuitive for crypto beginners to setup and run.

CryptoHero is currently available on Web and iOS. Our Andriod version will be ready in early Q3 2021.

Our famous one click setup

For beginners new to crypto trading bots or just unsure where to start, the Discover feature allows users to discover the best performing crypto assets and bot configurations.

From the Discover page, a CryptoHero bot can be easily created in seconds, just enter your asset allocation, edit the current configuration as you like. You are now running your first CryptoHero bot.

Simulated Paper Trading

Paper Trading is using a simulated crypto trading account that does not involve any real cryptocurrency. It is a risk-free way of testing out bots before deploying them on the real markets. CryptoHero’s Paper Trading simulates trading on Binance, using currency pairs available on Binance and live market data.

This feature is useful for users to try CryptoHero for trading without risking actual assets.

Supported Trading Pairs

CryptoHero supports major trading pairs across our supported exchanges. More exchanges and pairings will be added over time with more partnerships or requests from the CryptoHero community.

Coins or pairings may differ across exchange. CryptoHero is constantly adding new trading pairs to our platform.

I need help with CryptoHero

The CryptoHero Documentation is updated periodically with each major release with information on features and how to use them. If you need someone to assist you, your best bet to getting answers would be asking in the CryptoHero Telegram Group or in our real time WhatsApp customer service chat.

Is CryptoHero really free?

CryptoHero Free plan is completely free for users to use CryptoHero with basic functionalities. It is entirely possible to run a small crypto portfolio with just the Free Plan.

Your assets remain on the numerous supported exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, Bittrex or Kraken or use a simulated paper trading account on CryptoHero to avoid risking assets while evaluating CryptoHero.

Our ethos for CryptoHero Premium is to remove scaling restrictions on accounts instead of limiting essential features.

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