CryptoHero Referral Program

Invite Friends. Earn Premium.

1. Get Link

Get your unique referral link in Settings → Referral

2. Invite Friends

Invite your friends to sign up using your link

3. Get Rewards!

Get rewards for each signup with your link!

Active Rewards

30-days Premium

For every 5 New User Signups that uses your unique referral link

30-days Premium

For each referral user on their first purchase of any premium plan

Referral Program FAQ

Who is eligible to participate?

Everyone with a verified account on CryptoHero can participate in the Cryptohero Referral Program and earn rewards.

If I sign up or invite someone with a referral code, what information can the referrer /referral see about my account?

No account information is shared other than the referral's unique friend ID generated by CryptoHero can be seen on the referer. The referral may choose to disclose their friend ID to the referrer to identify or verify if the referral is successful.

How are the rewards awarded?

Rewards are given as soon as the referral completes the tasks with an exception for the Premium Monthly subscriptions. Where the referrer will only be credited after the referee completes their first month of subscription. There is no need to 'redeem' rewards.

Where or who can I share my referral link with?

There are no restrictions on where you can share your unique referral links. Referral links can only be used for new signups and can not be used for referrals with existing CryptoHero accounts. Each account can only have 1 referrer associated to their account.