Recently, Malaysia’s SEC has announced a ban on Binance. Essentially, in a single swoop, all traders based in Malaysia will not be able to access the Binance application. Some other countries have also banned Binance.

But, is this the end of the world? Enter the world of crypto trading bots.

A crypto trading bot is essentially a software which helps traders to trade the market using algorithms. Some like CryptoHero, offers a trading terminal which gives access to manual trading just like if you are trading on that exchange. The huge advantage of using CryptoHero’s trading terminal is that it allows you to switch between crypto exchanges with just one click. There is no need to logout and login to the other crypto exchanges in order to execute trades.

The only disadvantage is that a crypto trading bot does not offer deposits or withdrawals. In fact, a good crypto trading bot should never have to touch your deposit and withdrawal functionalities since this would open up a huge security flaw.

CryptoHero is available on all three major platforms – iOS, Android and Web. CryptoHero’s latest version (v1.3) has seen marked improvement in its speed and User-Interface enhancements.

Perhaps, it is time to complement your manual trading strategy with a crypto trading bot like CryptoHero.