Designing a crypto trading bot is not an easy task. As much as trading is an art as well as a science, to distil the experience accumulated over twenty years of trading into a user-friendly crypto trading bot software is not easy. In fact, it is highly complicated. It is hard to design a software that suits both novice and seasoned traders at the same time.

Perhaps not any longer. Our CryptoHero development team has been hard at work on our next iteration – v1.4. This latest upcoming version will have features which will cater to advanced traders while, at the same time, not alienate the user-friendly UI which our users have been accustomed to.

CryptoHero V1.4 will offer advanced bots as well as dollar-cost-averaging (DCA) bots. There are other cool features built for v1.4. Version 1.4 will also set the foundation for CryptoHero v1.5 which will create a very attractive rewards based platform for our long time users.

We are aiming for the launch of version 1.4 somewhere in early October. That is just slightly more than a month away. As we get closer to the launch date, we will release more updates on v1.4

We aim to create and deliver the best crypto trading bot software. Our entire team thank you for your loyalty and use of CryptoHero.