We are excited to announce a new program for our users. Please read the details of this program:

1. How to enter:

– Write your feedback about CryptoHero on any channel with the link of our Affiliate Program (https://cryptohero.ai/referral-program)

– Send the link or the screenshot of that feedback to us via email “[email protected]

– Feedback from users will be exchanged to points. And users can use their points to earn DOGE

2. POINT exchange:

Activity Quantity Point
Feedback on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Discord,…) with the link of Affiliate Program, and tag @cryptohero 1 50
For social media only
Like 1 5
Comment 1 10
Share/retweet 1 20
A long article to give feedback about CryptoHero on anywhere (More than 200 words) with the link of Affiliate Program, and tag @cryptohero 1 500
Feedback on crypto community with the link of Affiliate Program (The post must be accepted by the admin) 1 50
    3. Gift exchange:
Point Gift
100 2 DOGE
200 4 DOGE
500 10 DOGE
800 16 DOGE
1000 20 DOGE
2000 40 DOGE
5000 100 DOGE

4. Note

– User can submit more than 1 feedback.

– User can give feedback on many channels and all of them will be used to exchange to points.

– Valid and redeemable feedback must include the link of our Affiliate Program.

5. Duration: 1 week (From August 13 – August 26)

6. Up to 10,000 Points to be given away!

7. Winners MUST have Binance account to receive Doge in order to save transfer fees. Transfer fees will be borne by the winners.

7. Our contact

Feel free to contact to us if you have any question: Facebook / Twitter LinkedIn / Telegram

Email: [email protected].ai