With our next major feature update coming up in 1.3 which will launch alongside our Android app, we’ll be making changes to both the Basic Free Plan and Premium Plans. These changes will be effective as of 27th May 2021.

The reason for the pricing changes are mainly due to the demand for more trading pairs, new trading indicators and new exchange connections. With our next major update 1.3, we believe our pricing still remains competitive even after our price revisions.

1. Free plan changes

We previously made the decision to open more bots features without restricting the number of bots for the free plan. We hope not to restrict features as to allow users to test CryptoHero effectively without commiting to a purchase, therefore we decided to limit plans to scale of use instead of features.

Existing Free plan users who has more than 1 bot active will have their bots turned off when the pricing changes are implemented and they have to turn their bot on manually. We suggest planning ahead of time for these changes and to choose the bot to be kept on when the pricing changes happens. For inactive bots, you may leave them inactive or can liquidate the positions or delete the bot through CryptoHero.

2. Premium plan changes

Pricing for monthly will be adjusted from $9.99 monthly to $13.99 monthly and yearly from $94.99 tp $139.99 a year. Users with existing premium plans will not be affected for as long as the subscription remains active, your monthly or yearly subscription pricing will remain as it is at $9.99 monthly or $94.99 yearly. This offer applies to any user who subscribe before the pricing changes are effective.